Food Safety Focus Team • July 19
Facilities that provide dining services to senior populations must have a solid plan in place for training workers in food safety best practices, according to an article in the May/June 2018 issue of Senior Living Executive. William Weichelt, Director, Food Safety & Industry Relations for the National Restaurant Association, is quoted in the article.

Weichelt pointed out that while food safety is always important, extra care must be taken to reduce the risks of foodborne illness for seniors, who may have compromised or fragile immune systems.  
“This is more of an at-risk population; you want to make sure things aren’t undercooked, and that there are processes in place for monitoring [food temperatures],” he stated.  He also commented on the need for repeating training, immediate feedback, and corrective actions to ensure that all workers know how to implement proper food safety measures.

For the complete article, read: “Food Safety and Worker Training: A Strategic Imperative.”