Week 1: Personal Hygiene - sponsored by Tork, an Essity brand

Activity Sheet - Personal Hygiene Pop Quiz

How well do your employees know how to manage their own personal hygiene?

Poster - Personal Hygiene Tips

Good personal hygiene is critical to keep your guests and yourself healthy.

Blog - Best Personal Hygiene Practices

Blog post focused on Personal Hygiene


Week 2: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Activity Sheet - Cleaning and Sanitizing Activity

Review this process and point out what’s missing or incomplete.

Poster - How and When to Clean and Sanitize

Food can be contaminated if your facility is not clean and sanitized.

Blog - Cleaning & Sanitizing Best Practices

Six tips focused on cleaning and sanitizing.


Week 3: Safe Food Preparation

Webinar - From Outbreaks to Pandemics

Webinar covering current viruses and preventing foodborne illnesses

Watch On Demand
Activity Sheet - Tiny’s Sandwich Shop Mini Case Study

Read the story of how a manager handled an outbreak.

Poster - Cross-Contamination in the Flow of Food

Cross-contamination can happen at almost any point during the flow of food.


Week 4: Food Safety Procedures

Activity Sheet - Food Safety Procedures Quiz

Do you know the right storage order and cooking temperature for TCS foods?

Poster - Tips for Food Safety Procedures

Learn how to limit the time food spends in the Temperature Danger Zone.

Blog - Following Food Safety Procedures

Six tips focused on proper food safety procedures


Week 5: COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Activity Sheet - Policy Review Guidelines

Display these eye-catching reminders of key food safety practices.

Poster - COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Review your restaurant’s policy on six main areas of focus for COVID-19.


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Free COVID-19 Training and Resources

COVID-19 Precautions Training

Ensure the safety of guests and staff with FREE training

ServSafe Dining Commitment

Give customers assurance your restaurant is ready to welcome them back.

NFSM 2022: Beyond Times and Temps

Food safety goes beyond handwashing and time and temperature control

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Create a culture of food safety in your organization

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The secret to managing food safety across multiple sites

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