Week 1: Personal Hygiene - sponsored by Tork, an Essity brand

Activity Sheet - Personal Hygiene Pop Quiz

How well do your employees know how to manage their own personal hygiene?

Poster - Personal Hygiene Tips

Good personal hygiene is critical to keep your guests and yourself healthy.

Blog - Best Personal Hygiene Practices

Blog post focused on Personal Hygiene


Week 2: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Activity Sheet - Cleaning and Sanitizing Activity

Review this process and point out what’s missing or incomplete.

Poster - How and When to Clean and Sanitize

Food can be contaminated if your facility is not clean and sanitized.

Blog - Cleaning & Sanitizing Best Practices

Six tips focused on cleaning and sanitizing.


Week 3: Safe Food Preparation

Webinar - From Outbreaks to Pandemics

Webinar covering current viruses and preventing foodborne illnesses

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Activity Sheet - Tiny’s Sandwich Shop Mini Case Study

Read the story of how a manager handled an outbreak.

Poster - Cross-Contamination in the Flow of Food

Cross-contamination can happen at almost any point during the flow of food.


Week 4: Food Safety Procedures

Activity Sheet - Food Safety Procedures Quiz

Do you know the right storage order and cooking temperature for TCS foods?

Poster - Tips for Food Safety Procedures

Learn how to limit the time food spends in the Temperature Danger Zone.

Blog - Following Food Safety Procedures

Six tips focused on proper food safety procedures


Week 5: COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Activity Sheet - Policy Review Guidelines

Display these eye-catching reminders of key food safety practices.

Poster - COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Review your restaurant’s policy on six main areas of focus for COVID-19.


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Free COVID-19 Training and Resources

COVID-19 Precautions Training

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ServSafe Dining Commitment

Give customers assurance your restaurant is ready to welcome them back.

NFSM Week 5: Building a Culture of Food Safety

As we wrap up NFSM 2023, we wanted to take some time to go over all that we’ve learned over the last month and reflect on what building a strong food safety culture means

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NFSM Week 4: NFSM 2023 - What’s changed? Food Safety Regulations in Review

Stay up-to-date on new food safety regulations and ensure your establishment is compliant in 2023 and beyond.

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NFSM Week 3: Frequently Asked Questions about Health Inspections

Cracking the Code on Health Inspections and Violations.

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