National Food Safety Month 2022

Everyone who works in a restaurant has a role to play in keeping customers safe. And in order to keep customers safe, there are certain things workers at every level must know. All throughout National Food Safety Month, ServSafe is releasing downloadable content to help restaurant operators at every level keep customers safe.


Week 5 - Beyond Times and Temps - Sponsored by Ecolab

There are countless variables that affect the health and safety of restaurant customers, beyond hand washing and temperature control. Two variables that are critical for developing a culture of food safety are allergen awareness and responsible alcohol service. Let’s see how these essential restaurant elements factor into food safety.

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Webinar: Food Safety & Quality Assurance Experts Panel

Hear directly from your peers on this epic panel of experts who communicate their current struggles, lessons learned, and future plans in this interactive, industry-led panel.


The Big 9 Poster

Many different food items can cause dangerous allergic reactions amongst customers. Use this downloadable poster to display the most foods that cause the most allergic reactions.



Serving alcohol can be highly profitable for restaurants—but irresponsible drinking behaviors can put your patrons, and your business, at risk. To help with this, ServSafe has created ServItUp, your one-stop responsible alcohol service resource center.


Week 4 - Executive Team - Sponsored by Ecolab

Company leadership has the responsibility of implementing a culture that emphasizes cleanliness, accountability, teamwork, and the importance of following recognized food safety systems and protocols. Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved.

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Developing a Culture of Food Safety

Fostering a winning food safety culture is no small task. A set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that constitute an entire organization doesn’t fall into place overnight. Reflection, planning, and investment must occur, and senior leadership must lead and reinforce the cultural shift.


Score Your Organization

Have you prioritized food safety by incorporating it into your restaurant’s culture? Use this worksheet to analyze your brand’s food safety culture and score your organization.


Week 3 - Multi-Unit Operators - Sponsored by Ecolab

How can multi-unit managers juggle these responsibilities and lead their teams to food safety success? By systemizing food safety management.

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Developing a Culture of Food Safety: Manager's Edition

Explore how you can set up your restaurant staff for success when it comes to meeting and exceeding food safety standards.


Week 2 - Food Managers - Sponsored by Ecolab

By learning what to look for in health inspections, managers can run regular assessments and make preparation a part of their staff’s regular routine. Let’s take a closer look at how managers can stay prepared.

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Self-Inspection Checklist

Prepare for your next health inspection with this comprehensive self-inspection checklist.


Restaurant Manager's Guide to Passing a Health Inspection

Review common health inspection challenges, the basic policies, practices, and requirements managers must have in place before an inspection, and what managers can do to stay prepared.


Week 1 - Food Handlers - Sponsored by Tork®

Food handlers have an important role in keeping food safe, as many handlers come in direct contact with menu items. Simple safe food handling practices can help prevent the spread of pathogens and keep customers protected from foodborne illnesses. But as easy as safe food handling practices are to learn, they can also be easy to forget. Let’s revisit some basic food safety standards and best practices.

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Cooking Temperatures Guide

Download our Food Safety Basics comprehensive chart, covering cooking temperatures for poultry, beef, lamb, pork, veal, ham, and more.


Basic Food Safety Practices Checklist

Keep in mind these fundamental practices for when to wash your hands and preventing cross-contamination when handling food.


Webinar: Focusing on the Future

Please a panel of food safety experts as they discuss the changing expectations of both customers & employees and how to balance operational efficiency.

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